Promoted Pin Adventures – Part 6 – The End of the Spend

The Pinterest Promoted pin campaign is complete. The pay-per-click campaign ran from February 4 until it exhausted its budget on February 23. The graphs show overall data taken from Pinterest analytics. Below is a snapshot of the campaign activity (Figure 1) and campaign spend (Figure 2).


Figure 1


Figure 2

Summary for Pin 1
• 99.01k Total impressions
• 27 Total repins
• 259 Total clicks
• 0.26% Average CTR
• $1.89 Average CPC
• $489.01 Spend

Summary for Pin 2
• 21.21k Total impressions
• 4 Total repins
• 14 Total clicks
• 0.07% Average CTR
• $0.95 Average CPC
• $13.31 Spend

Pin 1 did all of the spending for this campaign. Pin 2, which was an infographic, did not do well at all. Changes to the pin description did not help. Although users clicked on pin 1, they did not click through to the website, which only reported 1 click from Pinterest in this timeframe. Google Analytics from the user’s website confirms that lack of click-throughs (Figure 3).


Figure 2

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